Direct Negotiation Advantage

Where travel insurance for international patients traveling to the USA is concerned, insurance companies often find themselves caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, especially when they need to determine whether or not a case is covered, within a very short period of time and with scant information.

In most cases, travel policies only cover those treatments that are urgent and necessary in order to stabilize the patient before repatriation to his homeland and this is where our DNA approach is most affective.

We fully understand that hospitals request a guarantee of payment within hours of admission and that insurance companies cannot make such a decision at such short notice.

On the other hand, many insurance companies believe that using a network in the USA will enable their client to receive treatment at the best prices and under their best control. However, this is not always the case and sometimes, the opposite is true.

It is simply impossible to know the price of medical treatment in advance, even by using a network, as the majority of cases are emergencies and the total costs are initially unknown.

Our DNA approach means that we utilize our multitasking team of experts to examine each and every bill and provide the insurance company with the possibility and the ability to demand an appropriate payment.

Our DNA approach enables us to make better decisions when it comes to the question of covering a hospital admission, so there is no time pressure.

DNA makes it possible for the insurance company to have control over unreasonable charges as well as having a letter of agreement in place for each and every account assuring closure of the case and account.

Our fees are based only on success (win-win situations) so if we do not show a real discount, you do not pay for our efforts. 

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