Who Are We

Everyone knows that health care in the USA is expensive but when, 13 years ago, one of our clients received a $70,000 bill for 2 days in hospital (not a very good one) we decided to take a closer look at the subject… Shortly after, we decided to establish MediCheck - not just as an important service but also as a way of handling the chaos of US health billings. 

Since 2001, we have handled thousands of bills from all across the USA and we are today proud to say that we are able to bring our clients not only the best savings but also an understanding of what is wrong and how to fix it.

With our integrated and experienced team of doctors, nurses, attorneys and dedicated case managers, we are able to combine knowledge and experience to product results.

While some of our competitors talk about fairness to the provider we, on the other hand, stay focused on representing only the insurance company, making it possible for us to present our clients with the best results possible.

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We understand that international insurance companies may not be familiar with our DNA method…
so we have decided to give you a free trial!

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